Exploring the Spiritual Roots of Montessori’s Vision

The essence of Maria Montessori’s vision for education is revealed through first hand accountings of her story from pre-World War II through the present, as told by members of her inner circle. Unraveling the threads of our lineage and our history brings us to a deepened sense of purpose for our collective great work on behalf of the child.

In Montessori’s oral tradition, Philip Snow Gang weaves his own personal story as a keeper of the vision together with gems and insights from his own experience outside the frame of traditional Montessori training. His stories illuminate the spiritual roots of our work, the essential qualities that move us in the direction of the Montessori vision for a new humanity.

Whether you are a seasoned Montessori guide, a student of her teachings, or a parent, we invite you to bring your voice to a dialogue about the essence.

Maria Montessori

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Continuing the Exploration: The Preparation of the adult. With activities and dialogue, we explore the following questions:
What contexts might lead to a deeper understanding of our place and time.

What wisdom do you acquire through awareness that the Earth is alive and that you are an integral part of its process?

What methods help you center yourself in order to sustain your vision?

In what ways does your relationship to Cosmos and Gaia evolve? How does it benefit the whole?

What is the source of your wisdom-knowledge for right-living?

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