“You have created a deeply transformative communion with the divine by incarnating spirit and spiritual approaches in the word.”

~John Fowler, PhD, Colorado, USA

“Written by Montessori family friend and historian Philip Gang, this book weaves a tapestry of story that integrates the author’s life journey as seeker and teacher with Maria Montessori’s spiritual legacy. This is an essential work for educators, as well as anyone wishing to understand integrative learning as key to the betterment of oneself, and humanity.”

~Delila Olsson, MEd, Oregon, USA

“I am struck by how poetically the book weaves together these mind-boggling concepts about nature and universe, yet does so in a way that is grounded in sensorial detail, gratitude and love which makes it accessible in a way that simple facts would not.”

~Rachael Jaimeson, MFA, Vermont, USA

“I read Educating for Right-Action and Love with awe, the poetry of the words, which comes from the depths of life itself.”

~Shubha Narayan, Christchurch NZ

Educating for Right-Action and Love:

Extending and Expanding the Montessori Vision


Book Cover of Educating for Right-Action and Love: Extending and Expanding the Montessori Vision by Philip Snow Gang

About The Book


In his new book, Dr. Philip Snow Gang explores the roots and responses to his driving question:

What contexts and processes in education might liberate teachers and learners so that they become catalysts for the new human — one whose integral relationship with Gaia is bound by right-action and love? 

Guided and inspired by Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy, Gang has dedicated his life to creating environments that free students and teachers from conditioning and invite them to express their unique voices. In its essence the book explores integrative learning.

Seamlessly embracing the vision of Maria Montessori, including rare glimpses into spiritual revelations gleaned during her years in India, Gang also explores his own 30-year journey teaching adults at the graduate level, addressing the nature of “Montessori for adults.”

We each have the potential to be catalysts for change. If transformation is your calling, this book is for you.

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